Sedona New Home Builder and Sedona Arizona General Contractor, Northern AZ Home Remodeling

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Sedona New Home Builder and Sedona Arizona General Contractor, Northern AZ Home Remodeling

What G. Good & Sons Clients Are Saying . . .

“G. Good and Sons were efficient, conscientious, and worked quickly while maintaining quality workmanship. They were able, willing, and eager to assist with any circumstances or difficulties that typically arise during the process of building a new home. We are very pleased with the job they did for us and we would highly recommend their company.”

Mr. & Mrs. Noel M. Freedman, Sedona, AZ

“We have built several homes over the years, including a million dollar estate on 17 acres in California’s wine country. We choose G. Good & Sons as our builder because of George and his two sons’ years of experience as builders and their reputation of consistent quality work.

“Having been in the new construction area of real estate for the past 25 years I had a large selection of builders to choose from. I chose G. Good & Sons and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone desiring to build a custom home!”

Niki Arana, Post Falls, ID

“The minute we walked through the front door of a G. Good & Sons home we knew we found the builder we were looking for. Walking from room to room we could see the quality of craftsmanship that went into the building of the home which far exceeded the others we had looked at. We asked our real estate agent about the builder, and she assured us that they were well known in the area, and built a quality home.

“We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Good, and during our visit he answered all our questions in great detail so we would understand everything about the construction of the house. He wanted us to be happy with the home he and his two boys had built. After meeting Mr. Good, we felt most comfortable with the purchase we were about to make, knowing exactly what we were getting for our money.

“Our experience with G. Good & Sons Construction has been a very pleasant one. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a fine, quality home. We know first hand . . . we’re living in one!”

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Norris, Sedona, AZ

“My wife and I set out to have the home of our dreams built. We had already purchased the lot on a big beautiful lake, and had the region’s top rated architect design and draw up the our plans. It was an extremely complex house on a difficult sloping lot. We put our plans out to bid.

“G. Good & Sons brought to the table such a straight forward honesty, and down to earth ‘know-how’ that we were instantly attracted. Not only did they superbly build a uniquely designed and complicated home on a difficult lot, but they made some key suggested alterations which fundamentally improved the strength and quality of the design. No home building is a completely smooth process. However, when difficulties arose George and his two sons were always there: to listen, to suggest, to modify when we wanted, and to make everything happen right.

“We are extremely proud of our home and the excellent craftsmanship that reflects the quality of G. Good & Son’s work. Additionally, in the years that have gone by since completion, George and his two boys have never hesitated to help when things have come up that needed their advice or attention. We cannot strongly enough recommend to anyone interested in having a home built that you have G. Good & Sons build it. You will not be disappointed at any time!”

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Herdner, Spokane, WA

“In early 1997 we purchased a lot in Sedona. On the lot next door to ours we met George and his two sons who were building a spec house for their company. My wife and I were able to observe the construction of the home from start to finish. Quality and attention to detail were very obvious. We engaged G. Good & Sons Construction as our home builder.

“The building process was very orderly and proceeded as promised. We were able to watch the construction in all the different phases and were very impressed with their use of only the best building products. The house was finished on schedule, 90 days from start to finish, and any details we wanted changed were handled immediately. It was a pleasure to work with a building company who produces high quality, and performs with obvious integrity.”

Dr. Larry Farber and Seija Farber, Phoenix, AZ

Commitment To Excellence

At G. Good and Sons Construction we are a family of professional builders. Our commitment to excellence keeps us striving to build the best possible home. Our goal is to derive the maximum value out of every dollar our clients invest with us.

Commitment to customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority.




Sedona New Home Builder and Sedona Arizona General Contractor, Northern AZ Home Remodeling
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